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"Within 30 days, StrategicOne created a data warehouse and allowed us to measure our marketing performance"

Major Telecommunications Provider


StrategicOne uses a best practice process to identify and leverage analysis and key insights from our client's data assets. The ultimate uses of this intelligence can be applied to areas such as marketing, merchandising, finance and operations. StrategicOne's implementation process is designed to bring business intelligence 'on-line' in phases, and therefore, allowing our clients to see the benefit of their data intelligence investment within weeks versus months.

Our process is comprised five primary steps:

  • Development of use cases
  • Identifying data elements to fulfill use cases
  • Designing visualizations and analytical method to deliver the intelligence to end users
  • Architecting the data to provide responsive access to the intelligence
  • Develop Business Requirement Document (BRD) and development solution
Development of Use Cases

Our first step is to identify use cases. Use cases are questions that require answers of the data to effectively make good business decisions. For example, at what point do price increases on a given product negatively impact profitability? For this specific use case, the decision-maker may need to have answers to this question based upon different criteria such as customer type, season of year, product category, etc.

Identify Data Elements

Each use case will require two types of data - dimensions and measures. Dimensions are categorical data elements such as year or employee. Measures are numerical data elements such as sales revenue or quantities sold. Once all the dimensions and measures have been determined, the data from the source system(s) will be identified to fulfill the use case.

Visualizations and Analytical Methods

A case may be used to analyze historical trends or predict a future event such as which customers will purchase in the next three months. Research has shown that the human mind processes pictorial information with more accuracy and efficiency than using numerical data. Within this step, visualization prototypes are created. Our InsightOneTM solution is unmatched in its ability to provide visualizations to decision-makers via interactive dashboards published to their web browser. If predictive models are required to solve the case, the implementation method will be determined and documented with the case.

Data Architecture

The structure of the data warehouse is critical to producing insights that allow flexibility of analysis with rapid response. Additionally, data elements must be easy for the decision maker to identify and manipulate, therefore, the metadata layer is of vital importance. StrategicOne designs the warehouse and multi-dimensional cubes to maximize the end user's ability provide variations for each visualization.

The data architecture is designed to scale multiple use cases and quickly integrated additional data elements as needed.

Business Requirements Document (BRD)

Each use case is documented with a BRD. The BRD contains the required data, business rules for each data element, analytical methods and visualizations that will be used to by the decision maker. With this document, StrategicOne's DBAs, statisticians and business analyst go to work to implement the solution. In most client engagements, there are multiple use cases that are being implemented at one time. Our process allows each use case to be delivered as completed, thereby allowing the decision maker to gain immediate access to critical data insights.

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